The Secret Garden

Thank you so much for your interest in The Secret Garden, an Instagram experience from She Loves Me. We are trying something new, and there are bound to be some questions! Please review a list of FAQs below and let us know if there's anything we didn't address.


What is The Secret Garden?

The Secret Garden is a members-only Instagram club from She Loves Me launching in January 2021. Every Friday,we'll release a mini video lesson via a private Instagram account that introduces you to a new technique or florist secret. At the end of the month we'll tackle a larger, in-depth tutorial - called a Hands-On - that builds upon everything you've learned.

Do I have to live in D.C. to participate?

Absolutely not! Our educational videos are designed to be enjoyed from anywhere, and no matter where you are based you'll learn a ton.

Am I required to purchase any materials?

Our videos are chock-full of information on their own and are meant to serve as an introduction to floral design principles. If you wish to build a library of tools, we recommend starting with the following items, what we consider to be the building blocks of floral design. These are not mandatory and a pair of scissors and a mason jar will also work fine.

Saboten Sheers
Glass Vase

Can I purchase materials through She Loves Me?

We offer local participants the option to purchase fresh materials for pick up or delivery. Please note specific deadlines and delivery dates for each month. 

How much does it cost if I purchase materials through She Loves Me?

If you choose to add on materials, there is an additional fee of $65-$150 depending on the lesson's contents. A full list of project materials is available here. You can pick these up (no charge) at our shop located at 808 Upshur St. NW or have them delivered to your door for a $12.99 delivery fee (you must live within our delivery zone).

Can I reschedule my delivery of materials from She Loves Me?

We understand things change, and will do our absolute best to accommodate shifting schedules.

Where else can I find flowers to follow along?

We aim to teach with affordable, accessible flowers often found at your local grocery store, such as tulips, carnations and roses. If you prefer more specialty blooms we of course recommend sourcing from your local florist! We will provide a list of suggested blooms at the beginning of each month that you can use as a shopping list.


How are the videos structured?

Every Friday we will post a short video lesson packed with information. On the last Friday of the month, we will combine everything you've learned so far into a longer, more in-depth lesson we call a "Hands-On."

For example, in April we will learn all the different ways to wire flowers, and in the Hands-On lesson at the end of the month we will learn how to make a flower crown from start to finish!

Can I see a list of everything we'll learn?

Absolutely! Please view the full 2021 syllabus here

Can I see an example of what a typical tutorial will look like?

Yes! Here's a peak at a class in January on choosing the right tools.

Can I mix and match what three months I receive?

Subscriptions are only available for three consecutive months; we are unable to mix-and-match. For example, you’ll purchase January, February, and March together. If you’d like to purchase the next membership set, it will include April, May, and June.

How long are the videos?

The shorter videos are approximately 5-7 minutes long, and the Hands-On tutorial is closer to 20 minutes.

Who teaches the videos?

The videos are taught by She Loves Me founder and owner Holley Simmons, a floral designer with over five years of event design experience.

I don't have / don't like / deleted Instagram. Is there any other way to watch the videos?

At this time, an Instagram account is required to watch the videos. However, we are working on translating the content to alternative platforms for future enjoyment.


Can I purchase a membership to The Secret Garden as a gift?

How thoughtful! You can absolutely gift a subscription. After placing your order we will be in touch to collect some important details, at which point you can let us know contact information for the recipient.

Do I have to sign up by a certain time?

Absolutely not - you can jump in at any point and gain immediate access to our entire video archive on Instagram. Each month our classes build on the skills participants previously learn, so if you join later in the year we recommend scrolling back and starting at the beginning.

How does a subscription cost?

Membership to The Secret Garden is $22 per month with a three month commitment. 

I signed up after January. Can I purchase materials from a previous month's lesson?

Because we work primarily with in-season blooms we are only able to offer the following lesson materials retroactively:

Flower arranging basics
Florist secrets
Designing in compotes
Flower crowns
Hand-held bouquets

I signed up mid-month. When will my membership start?

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we will begin your membership right away and extend beyond three months. For example, if you sign up on February 15th you will gain immediate access and your membership will last through the end of May.

I'm one or two months into my membership and would like to cancel. Can I get a refund?

We require a three-month commitment to The Secret Garden with an option to renew (we hope you will!). We do our absolute best to set expectations and provide a clear picture of what you will receive. As such, pro-rated refunds are not available.

When my membership ends after three months, will I still be able to access the content?

Your membership and access to content will end once your subscription ends. Due to the Secret Garden being an instagram-only club, once your membership ends, you’ll lose access to the account and the videos previously posted.

Still have a question? If you feel that your question hasn't been answered above, please email and we'll do our best to help!

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