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The Secret Garden

An Instagram Experience from She Loves Me

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What it is

The Secret Garden is a members-only Instagram club from She Loves Me.

Every Friday we'll release a mini video lesson via a private Instagram account that introduces you to a new technique or florist secret. (Don't tell other florists we showed you!)

Then, at the end of the month, we'll tackle a larger, in-depth Hands-On tutorial that builds upon everything you've learned up to that point. 

That's over 50  unique video tutorials over the course of a year on how to create stunning, whimsical florals.

Who it's for

The Secret Garden is for flower lovers of every level:

Anyone who's ever brought home flowers from Trader Joe's and thought, "Now what?"

Those interested in a new creative outlet, a fulfilling new hobby, or an artistic release from the day-to-day bustle.

Aspiring floral designers who marvel at loose, organic arrangements on Instagram and wonder, "How do they do that?!"

Seasoned designers who want a refresher on foundational skills or a new approach to traditional ideas.

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We offer two ways to engage:

Membership only: $22 per month 
3-month commitment required

You will receive a weekly mini lesson via a member's only Instagram account that introduces you to a new floral skill or concept. At the end of the month we'll combine everything you've learned and apply it to a longer, more in-depth tutorial. 

Add On Materials *: Prices vary

Once a month, She Loves Me will send fresh materials to your door so you can follow along with the Hands-On lesson. Prices vary per project and will range from $65 to $150.

*Available for DC-area residents only


Includes a unique video tutorial every week


A peek at what you'll learn

Enjoy a preview of the very first lesson -- a primer on the different cutting tools available -- during which I fail miserably at using a Swiss Army knife.

    You'll build a strong foundation for your flower journey by outlining the best tools and introducing you to our signature She Loves Me design method. (Hint: It rhymes!) 

    Thinking beyond the simple glass vase, we'll share a variety of ways to wire flowers and succulents. We'll then teach you the mechanics for making a flower crown from start to finish!

    To prepare you for the holiday season, we'll cover multiple methods for working with evergreens and demonstrate how to create stunning garlands and wreaths.

How it works

  • Upon signing up, you'll receive an invitation to follow our private Secret Garden account on Instagram.
  •  Every Friday, we'll post an informative, no-fluff video PACKED with practical floral knowledge gathered over years of hands-on experience. Watch and learn at your leisure ... the content is there to stay!
  • On the last Friday of the month, tune in for a full-length lesson that draws upon the concepts you've just mastered. Materials provided for an additional fee.
  • Comment on the posts to ask questions, share your progress, and be part of an engaged community learning side-by-side.
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