Fall Micro Wedding and Minimony Inspo

Tiny wedding, minimony, micro wedding, elopement... However you celebrate your big day this year, it can still be an absolutely stunning and entirely special day with your loved ones. We've been particularly inspired by all the couples who have chosen to get creative with their festivities so they can stay safe while still creating intimate moments they'll cherish forever.

Downsizing your wedding doesn't mean getting rid of all the fun things you've looked forward to planning; in fact, this is why we created our Forever Yours Collection! With streamlined personals and decor options, you can get exactly what you need in a way that's still gorgeously unique to your big day and the season you're celebrating in.

We've been so inspired by fall florals in creating these pieces for our tiny wedding brides -- Whether they go classic with the Kensington, romantic with the Vallarta, or colorful with the Majorelle, every stunning bouquet is made with special care.

We've also been so delighted to make custom pieces for couples who have decided to do full wedding floral designs even as they downsize their guest lists or change venues to smaller locations. It truly makes the day feel that much more special when you're surrounded by glorious blooms!

A huge THANK YOU! to all of our brides and grooms and their lovely friends and families who have worked with us to ensure these special occasions remain special. We couldn't do what we do without you!

Ready to order your tiny wedding flowers from She Loves Me? Find all of our Forever Yours options in your preferred colorway on our website, here.

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