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We offer two distinct subscription programs to meet a variety of needs - because everyone deserves a little flower magic in their lives, right?

Option No. 1: Pay as you Go Renewal

Pluck Buddy Subscription

Our Pluck Buddy subscription is a pay-as-you-go option for the ultimate fresh flower lover who wants a fresh bouquet of flowers on a regular cadence. Receive a bouquet weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks at a 10 percent discount!

Flexibility to change or skip your subscription as needed. Plus, the Pluck Buddy perks go beyond just flowers: Receive an additional 10 percent discount on in-store shopping and workshops.



Step 1: Select from our small, medium, or large bouquet sizes.

Step 2: Select a renewal cadence of weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks.

Step 3: Select Delivery or Pickup. Voila! You'll never be without fresh flowers!

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Option No. 2: Pre-Paid Package

Bunches of Love Subscription

Planners, gifters, and treat-yo-selfers unite! Our Bunches of Love subscription is a pre-paid option available for delivery on set dates to one recipient of your choice (pstt - you can also choose yourself!).

Pre-purchase a total of 3, 6 or 12 bouquets or centerpieces at a 10 percent discount - delivery inlcuded! Schedule the deliveries months in advance to delight and surprise the recipient on their birthday, a special holiday, anniversaries, or 'just because.'



STEP 1: Select from our small, medium, or large bouquet or centerpiece sizes.

STEP 2: Select the first delivery day and your chosen recipient for the special surprise.

STEP 3: Post-purchase we'll send you a form to collect your future delivery dates and craft a personalised note for each delivery.

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Pay As You Go Renewals

Pluck Buddy Subscription


Please review the FAQs and policies for our two subscription programs below, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

The main difference is how the subscriber is charged.

A Pluck Buddy subscriber will have standard renewal charges processed weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on their preference for their chosen bouquet size. Orders will always be set for delivery or pickup on the subscriber's preferred day of the week.

The Bunches of Love subscription is a pre-paid bundle of 3, 6, or 12 flower deliveries for either bouquets or centerpieces. The subscriber can select specific days for each delivery, and the dates do not not have to follow a set rhythm. After the initial purchase, the subscription is only active for the number of orders selected and there are no renewal charges.

Regardless of which subscription you choose, your order will be a 'florist's choice' mix of flowers. Our floral designers will flex their design skills to provide a unique arrangement every time! Our shop primarily partners with local growers to provide the best selection of just-plucked blooms in goregous, seasonal color palettes.

It's truly a florist's dream to design bouquets and arrangements with a rotating selection of blooming beauties - so trust us, you're going to be delighted every time!

Pluck buddy subscribers will have the option to choose their preferred renewal candence. Renewal orders will be processed on Sunday, and the orders will be ready that week on the subscribers preferred delivery or pick up day. Delivery or pickup is available Tuesday through Saturday.

Preferred delivery or pick up days or the renewal cadence can be adjusted at any time. Skip or pause your subscription at any time. We require a minimum of 2 renewals after the original purchase before subscription cancellations can be processed.

Bunches of Love subscribers can select their own block of preferred delivery days across the next 12 months. The number of dates to select will depend on the set number of bouquets or centerpieces purchased - either 3, 6, 12 dates for the cooresponding flower delivery. Group the deliveries to be weekly, space them across multiple months, select special days, or select days at random - it's totally up to you.

Once the last order has been delivered, your subscription package will be automatically ended. Unless of course you purchase another!

In addition to your floral subscription, we offer a bunch of fun perks, because we're flower friends with benefits (obvi!). All of the perks are listed below. Once your sign up, you'll recieve an email with a unique discount code that you can use for online or in-store purchases.


A 'Wanna Pluck?' keychain with your 1st subscription delivery.
Because we love a cheeky pun.

A flat $10 delivery fee for subscription deliveries
No delivery zones here!

10% off in-store and online purchases
Want to pick up a treat for your BFF or celebrate someone's special moment? Use your discount on any purchase.

10% off workshop & events
Join us at the shop for some special flower fun & learning - bring a friend!

Free compliments
Okay, you caught us - we give those to everyone!

Yes! We designed both subscription offerings to be a thoughtful, generous gift for the flower lover in your life.

Each order includes a hand-written note, so you can tell the lucky recipient just how much they mean to you.

Of course! Our Pluck Buddy subcribers can pause or stop their orders via an online account. Notification of a changed delivery or pickup date should be emailed to at least 2-3 days in advance of the scheduled day.

Our Bunches of Love subscribers can let us know if a previously selected delivery day needs to be moved. Notification should be emailed to the She Loves Me team at least 2-3 days in advance of the scheduled day and an alternate delivery day should be provided.

Pluck Buddy Subscription

In order to provide the best saving option and discounts for our Pluck Buddy subscription program, a minimum of 3 subscription orders must be processed before a subscriber can cancel their subscription. In order to cancel the Pluck Buddy subscription, email Please note, cancellations will take effect prior to the next renewal order being processed. Cancellation requests recieved after a renewal order has already been processed will not be refunded.

Bunches of Love Subscription

Once a Bunches of Love subscription package has been purchased, the entierty of the selected set of subscription orders will be fulfilled on the dates provided. Refunds will not be provided if the subscription purchaser requests only a partial set of orders to be fulfilled. For example, if 4 out of 6 deliveries have been made, the remaining 2 deliveries will not be refunded. However we understand a need for flexibility, in which case we can accomodate a change the previously selected delivery dates or switch the remaining deliveries to another recipient of your choice.

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