Get to know the duo behind She Loves Me

Welcome to the She Loves Me blog, a place for us to share plant and floral tips and showcase our makers, farmers and team. It feels only right to start at the beginning and introduce you to Holley Simmons (owner of She Loves Me) and Nicole Capó Martínez (our brand director).

It’s only natural they’d meet among flowers, Holley hosting a flower crown pop up at the store Nicole managed back in 2016 and tying a sweet ring of delicate florals around her curls. The next time they met, Nicole was cutting flower images from vintage magazines, apprenticing for Holley’s fellow TLC founder Kate Zaremba. Of course a friendship would blossom.

They had more in common than a love of flowers: A passion for maximalist spaces bursting with beautiful, vintage goods, an obsession with the World’s Best Chocolate Cookies, a romance surrounding delicious meals and late-night karaoke after one too many tequilas. When Holley opened She Loves Me in 2019, Nicole hopped right on board, both wearing fabulous frocks as they got their hands dirty, together.

A year and a half later, Nicole’s hair is longer and Holley’s learning Portuguese, but they’re still behind the scenes of She Loves Me, plotting how to keep bringing joy to the people of DC.

What kind of flower or plant would you be and why?

Nicole: I’d want to be a sunflower because they aren’t showy or excessive; they just want to bring you some cheer! One of my favorite childhood memories is playing under the huge sunflowers that grew on my grandparents’ mountaintop property.

Holley: Good one! I'd be a monstera plant, because they are adaptable to most environments but really thrive in sunny spots. I grew up on the Jersey Shore so I can definitely relate :)

Once it's safe to do so, where are you traveling to first?

Nicole: As soon as it’s safe I’m planting my body on a beach and not leaving until someone makes me—Preferably in Greece while I stuff my face with fresh feta and olives and halloumi and orange wine.

Holley: Portugal! Both trips I planned there have been canceled this year and I'm jonesing for an authentic pastel de nata.

If you could collaborate on a floral installation with any artist, who would you pick?

Nicole: Andrew and Ryan from The Big Flower Fight! I could definitely learn a trick or two from their stunning designs, and their sense of play and imagination is so inspiring.

Holley: Casa Delirio, based in Mexico City. She has an amazing way with color and stem placement that keeps you on your toes. Also The Boy Who Cried Flowers is doing some pretty wild things!

It's karaoke night: What's your go-to song?

Nicole: Total Eclipse of the Heart, and yes, I am known for forcing people to duet with me.

Holley: What's Up by 4 Non Blondes. And I can attest that Nicole has been known to recruit back up singers.

What's your favorite cat meme/video?

Nicole: Woman Yelling at Cat Meme always and forever.

Holley: Gets me every time.

Meet Holley + Nicole in person by visiting She Loves Me during our shop hours! Or you can make an appointment to stop by at other times; reach out here.

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