Meet She Loves Me Florist Megan Adams

Holley met Megan by a stroke of luck: She sat down at a bar to look at a book about flowers; the manager took notice. “My fiancé is a florist,” he said. “I’m opening a flower shop,” she said. 

It was true love at first floral sight.

Megan’s wildly talented eyes and hands and mind -- transplanted to DC after a life on the West coast -- found a home at She Loves Me, where they put together the most beautiful of floral creations for weddings, workshops, photoshoots, and even just around the shop. And her floral magic fit right in with the likes of fellow Scorpio Nicole and fellow badass business owner Holley.

A coven of floral witches! What could be more delightful?

You’re a bouquet! What are your thriller florals and what’s your colorway?

Fun question!! My thriller flowers would be gardenia (flowers and greens), football mums, hellebores, lupine, clematis, dogwood, Japanese anemones, and lisianthus. I guess I’d be a pretty big bouquet. Ha! As for colorway, that is a tricky one as it literally depends on the day! I think I would want to be a mix of dark burgundy and burnt orange, with a sprinkling of cream, blush and peach. Oh and tons of green!

What are the top three songs on the soundtrack of your life?

First and foremost, Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamamawiwo’ole. It was one of my Grandmothers favorite songs and I remember listening to her play it on the ukulele when I was little.

This one is going to sound weird, but Cold Hard Bitch, by Jet. My mom purchased that album my senior year of high school and we used to play it super loud and dance around the house. I still cry happy tears and call my mom anytime it randomly plays on the radio.

Number three is Extraordinary Machine, by Fiona Apple. The whole song is so remarkable but the chorus is absolute perfection.

With infinite time and money, what does your dream flower project look like?

I would LOVE to do a massive installation in an old abandoned house. It would encompass both the outside, as well as the entire inside of the home. There is so much in the world that is broken and neglected. I like the idea of bringing new life and beauty to old, rough spaces.

Scorpio season is fast approaching! What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve pulled off or would like to?

I‘m not sure I will ever have the guts to pull it off, but I have always wanted to dress up as Leeloo Dallas from The Fifth Element. I love that bright orange hair!

What’s the first restaurant or bar stop on your post-COVID dream tour?

I would have to go with Old Ebbitt. Every time I have ever stepped foot in that bar/restaurant I’ve been surrounded by some of my most favorite people. I miss that.

Want to become a flower witch like Megan? Curious what a thriller floral is? You can take our Flower Arranging workshop here -- Or take your skills up a level with friends and arrange a live virtual Compote Arranging class here!

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